Bikers commuting along Chicago Avenue
Photo: West Town Chamber of Commerce

"Chicago Avenue has never been busier. An influx of fast moving cars and trucks has made our city’s namesake street unsafe for pedestrians and bicyclists. We need a diet—a 'road diet.' Transitioning Chicago Avenue into a 'complete street'—one designed for pedestrians, bicyclists, busses, and cars alike—would help address this challenge. As a two-lane road with a central turning lane, bicycle lanes, and sidewalk bump-outs, Chicago Avenue would promote more foot traffic without reducing street parking. Complete streets grow small
businesses by making shopping and walking in our community safer and more appealing to patrons. Reducing noisy traffic and providing space for all transit types encourages the community to spend more time outside and in our businesses." -West Town Master Plan

"With the combined support of the community, West Town Chamber of Commerce, and city officials, Chicago Avenue can become a city-wide destination by promoting the community’s health, safety, and economy in just a few simple steps." -West Town Master Plan