We invite you to contribute in two ways:

  1. Submit your project directly to the database by completing the online submission form.
    (short-term publishing — might take between 3-4 weeks).
  2. Submit a project suggestion to be mapped — we can help to research and collect the data
    (longer-term publishing - suggested projects will be prioritized, researched and documented depending on the capacity of the MAPPED team).

If you have any questions about contributing to this resources, please email us at: hello@designtrustchicago.org

This community resource is a collaborative effort – by Chicagoans and for Chicagoans.

Submit form (1) takes about 30-minutes to complete.
For quickest form completion, take a moment to gather the following prior:

  • Basic project information (name, date, address, size, budget)

  • Project partners and creators (designer, client, developer, contractor)

  • Media (images, articles, videos)

See below project submission questions (total 26):

  1. What is your name (first, last)?

  2. What's your email?

  3. What is the project name?

  4. What type of project is this?

  5. Select all applicable categories/tags.

  6. Please describe this project in a short paragraph. (2-3 sentences)

  7. What is the project location?

  8. In which Chicago neighborhood is the project located?

  9. What year was the project completed?

  10. How long did the project take?

  11. What kind of life does this project have?

  12. Who were the community partners and/or client(s) for the project?

  13. Who designed the project?

  14. Was the project designed by a BIPOC or ALAANA designer?
    B.I.P.O.C. (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)
    A.L.A.A.N.A. (African, Latinx, Asian, Arab, Native American)

  15. Please list any additional design partners.
    Please name the studio, office, or individual(s) who also contributed to the design.

  16. Were there any other project partners? Who was the developer?
    Who implemented this project? This could be a community development corporation, city agency, or financial institution, for example.

  17. Who was the general contractor for the project?
    Who built/constructed the project?

  18. What was the project budget?

  19. How was the project funded?

  20. What is the project's total area?

  21. Please paste a link to the lead designer's website below.

  22. Please upload up to 10 images of the project.

  23. Has the project received any recognition or awards?

  24. Please provide the information for any articles/press about the project.

  25. Please provide the information for any videos/media about the project.

  26. Tell Chicagoans in one sentence why this project matters.