New Witness Trees overall perspective
Image © Hood Design Studio

"The new Witness Trees installation is inspired by the state's orthogonal grid. A grid of sixteen Bald Cypress trees sit at the site's center. Fences project the grid into the third dimension and record the cast shadows of trees. Through the planting of southern trees in northern land, new Witness Trees invokes the history of the Great Migration and establishes a spirit grove to keep the neighborhood safe. Reminiscent of the southern tradition of bottle trees, visitors are asked to record a sentiment or message of witness onto a reflective foil that is then tied to the tree branches. As fall gives way to winter, the grove glistens with light and reflection. Once spring returns, the witness trees will find a new home with residents of the South Side, where they will witness a new history." - Hood Design Studio

Witness Tress will grow to witness Chicago's future.