Photo: Quality-of-Life Plan Far South Chicago

From the Quality-of-Life Plan Far South Chicago:

"The Far Southside of Chicago is a vast up and coming area, comprised of diverse, caring community leaders, businesses, green energy/technology companies, faith leaders, organizations, schools, and residents (young and old), who are working together to revitalize, develop, and create a thriving community of neighborhoods that are economically, physically, culturally, educationally, financially productive, successful, and safe for all those with a stake in the community.

The Far Southside of Chicago comprises historic communities that have undergone massive transitions over the years. The Far South Chicago Coalition identified an entire region and gathered meaningful parties to create the largest Quality-of-Life plan area LISC Chicago has ever focused on to assist coordination. COVID-19 has shed a brighter light on the worsening Black life-expectancy gap in Chicago.

With these factors at the forefront towards sustainable transformation, the strategies provided by the community address the necessary actions needed."

View the full Quality-of-Life Plan here.