garden full of red tulips under train
Photo Credit: ©Daris Jasper, ©Amanda Williams, courtesy

Located in the Washington Park neighborhood, Redefining Redlining is an installation by artist Amanda Williams. In the fall of 2022, Williams, in collaboration with Emerald South Economic Development Collaborative, led hundreds of friends, neighbors, and strangers in a mass planting of 100,000 red tulips. The bulbs were planted in the shape of the almost 2 dozen houses and buildings that should still occupy this site. These tulip-building footprints are meant to symbolize the value of the homes that used to be here, but more importantly, the worth of the people here now and the beautiful Black neighborhoods that can be here in the future.

Redefining Redlining makes visible the detrimental impact of redlining while simultaneously inspiring ideas about who and what can reinfuse joy, beauty, and value into black neighborhoods.